Everyone is welcome at the
Garden Party

Saturday June 18th 2022, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Come join us for a fun filled day of workshops and information.
Visit our vendors and take home some home or garden art.

To register for any of the workshops call us at 715-435-4477.


bloody mary bar

Bloody Mary Bar
From 8:30 - 10:30 AM

We supply all the fixings for you to make your very own Bloody Mary just the way you like it!
Let's start the garden party with a smile.


Hot Glue Poppy Art Workshop

Poppy Picture
by Denise Larson
9:00 AM, Cost $25

Local artist Denise Larson, will show you how to make beautiful garden poppies in various colors by applying acrylic paint and hot glue to an 8x10 stretched canvas. You will enjoy mixing these two art mediums creating this unique art piece to take with you at the end of class.

Each participant will need to bring their own glue gun.

1 1/2 hours required
Pre registration and payment is required

Poppy pic poppy pic Poppy Pic


Woodsy Moss Succulent Topped Birdhouse Workshop
by Diane Urbans
9:00 AM, Cost $30

In this workshop you will be planting the top of a birdhouse with succulents. Everything is included - birdhouse approximately 8" x 8", soil, hardware cloth and succulents. We will do step by step instructions and you will plant your birdhouse with succulents. It's fun and functional. There will be tips on the care of your new birdhouse.

Pre registration and payment is required
Approximately 1 - 2 hours required

Planting birdhouses Birdhouses


Food & Beverages at 11:30 - 1:00

Let's all sit back, relax and enjoy some food and drink.

Tim Kubisiak, our chef, will be smoking something fabulous!!!

You don't want to miss this, it will be awesome!

Succulent Dish Garden Workshop
by Diane Urbans
1:00 PM, Cost $35

In this workshop you will design a succulent picture in a dish garden. Everything is included in the cost - the container, succulents, a mixture of different colored rocks, and we also have clay pots, coffee cups and other items you can pick from for you design. If you have something at home that you would like to try, bring it along.

Pre registration and payment is required
Approximately 1 - 2 hours required

dish design
Dish design


Draped Hypertufa Planter, 3 Lacey Hypertufa Pots, or Stuffed Animal Garden Statue.

by Diane Urbans
3:00 PM, Cost $20 per project

In this workshop you will have the choice of creating a draped hypertufa planter, 3 lacey draped hypertufa pots, a stuffed animal garden statue, or all 3 if you want!

Each project cost is $20. All the materials will be included.
Pre registration and payment is required
Approximately 1 1/2 hours required per project

Each participant needs to bring a heavy duty pair of rubber gloves.

Draped hypertufa planter: You will make a draped hypertufa planter approximately 10" x 11" with either a towel or afghan - your choice to take home.

Draped class finisher draped draped class

Draped hypertufa Lacey Pots: You will be making 3 lacey draped hypertufa pots approximately 5" x 6" - perfect for tea lights. They are great outdoor accents for your sitting area or indoors as well.

lace pots lace pots lace pot

Stuffed Animal Garden Statue: You will dunk a stuffed animal or doll into hypertufa cement mixture, shape it and prop it to dry. I have plenty to pick from or you can bring your own. Size is no larger than 13"x9" and your statue will need to stay at the greenhouse to cure for 3 days.



Visit our Vendors

Rock sky Rock flowers Rock trees

Painted Rocks
by Yvonne Pagels
Basket of rocks

JMC Specialties LLC
by John McDonald

Fine Metal art with a touch of Nature.
We make approximately 40 different pieces at this time and are always open to discussion about custom orders. We try to incorporate solar lights into a lot of your work. All pieces are created at our fabrication shop in Knowlton & no two pieces are exactly the same. That's the beauty - no blueprints to follow, no right - no wrong!
Custom Metal Art by John McDonald, (715) 551-3227, email us at jmcspecl@mtc.net

JCM bug

Craft Items
by: Barb & Lenny Cegielski

Looking for a one of a kind gift for that special person?
Stop and visit us at our booth. We offer 1 of a kind bird feeders featuring Tea pots, sports and farming themes.
We also have very unique glass art work items and some very special hand-made items!


Pampered Chef
by consultant: Julie Henne

Julie will have a large inventory of Pampered Chef items for you to choose from!
Also, She'll be sampling some goodies.

For more information check out her webpage: Pampered Chef


Perhaps you want to teach a workshop, or know someone who might.
We are always looking for new ideas for workshops.
Are you a crafter that has articles to sell or know of a vendor who might?
Please email any ideas or suggestions to us at mail@urbansgreenhouse.com .
We'd love to hear from you!


Between workshops and our Garden Party
Visit these other Rudolph attractions:

Our beautiful Village Park
St. Philips Grotto & Wonder Cave
Pete's Meat Market
Patsy's Bar & Bowling Alley
Dairy State Cheese
Ashbeck Interiors
Mornin Sunshine Farm